#35 VC Resource Wednesday

#35 VC Resource Wednesday

Going from Good to Great as a VC

We’ve met thousands of VC/PE/hedge funds over the past 15 years, investing in >100. What differentiates a good #VC from a great #VC? Three things at the top of the list:

  1. Access: how do you see unique, exciting deals before your competition? What’s unique about your experience and network to drive access to the best founders?

  2. Portfolio Construction: is your model great? Fred Wilson at USV invests in ~25 co.’s per fund w/ 2-3 fund returners (target), along with reservesWhat’s yours?

  3. Founder Support: how do you help your companies win? Founder Experience All-Stars Maria Tangarova & Greg Clayman say all founders want help w/ hiringcustomer introsgood people, and expert insights. Anything else?

#OpenLP - Get Inside Your Investors’ Head

Now you know you need to have great access, portfolio construction, and founder support. That will give you allow you to build a track record of great returns. From there, you need to tell your story to investors (see #30 VC Fundraising in 2023) to raise the capital you need to go execute!

One of the best resources we’ve seen to get inside the head of a LP investor is #OpenLP! #OpenLP aggregates and amplifies insights across the entrepreneur ➡︎ GP ➡︎ LP venture ecosystem.

#OpenLP demystifies the LP perspective, helping GPs stay on top of their game and better understand how venture works. By aggregating articles, podcasts and videos, #OpenLP helps GPs, LPs, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders develop greater understanding of the technology startup ecosystem.

Here are some of the most informative posts included in their year-end update:

  1. Succeeding in Venture Capital is Mostly About Knowing What to Buy. But When To Sell Matters Also. (Hunter Walk)

  2. Outperformance: The Power of Power Laws (Beezer Clarkson & Evan Tarzian)

  3. The Next Big Thing in 2023 Will Be... (Nikhil Basu Trivedi)

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