#34 CFO Monthly Monday

#34 CFO Monthly Monday

Monthly Monday - January Wins, Top Posts, & Takeaways

We’re already one month into 2023 - let’s go! Celebrating and sharing the wins each month will help us maintain momentum to keep learning, growing, and sharing great content and insights!

Here are the top 5 posts for January from @TheFundCFO Newsletter.

Reflecting on them, the most popular had some sort of tool, playbook, template, or link to “expert testimony.” Readers want actionable content that makes their lives easier and to hear from the “experts” - noted!

I want to share a big “thank you” to everyone who read, commented, & shared.

  1. #31 VC Fund Model & Budget - Free Download: want to build a basic and/or advanced #VC fund model or budget? Here’s where you start!

  2. #30 VC Fundraising in 2023: everything you need to know about raising your next fund in the new year, right here.

  3. #32 VC Key Terms for Emerging Managers: there are lots of great investors with great strategies out there. Start here to learn the terms for launching your fund!

  4. Cross-Post: The Ultimate Guide to Fund Terms (Chris Harvey): more on key terms for all types of funds. Chris Harvey shares great insights in this post.

  5. #28 VC Valuation Resources & Policies @ Q4: what’s your portfolio worth at year-end? What about Q1? This is a timeless topic that will keep coming back every three months. Learn more about the ins and outs of doing valuations right!

Additional Resource - Top 5 CFO Posts of 2022

This post was inspired by our final and most widely-shared post of 2022. For more context, check out the full post, linked here! Highlights:

  1. #17 RTF (Return The Fund) Math

  2. #27 The Playbook + VC Budget Template

  3. #21 VC Fundraising 101: Track Record & Data Room

  4. #23-Point Fund Launch Checklist (3.0)

  5. #11 Going Deep & Chapter One & The Modern VC CFO

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